What is $PANO ?


$PANO is not just another cryptocurrency; it is the lifeblood of our immersive gaming universe. As an artist-driven project,
we are creating a unique gaming experience where players can immerse themselves in captivating virtual worlds, conquer
challenges, and earn real rewards powered by $PANO .

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True Ownership

With PANOVERSE, players enjoy true ownership of in-game assets, including characters, items, and skins, stored securely on the blockchain. No more ephemeral digital possessions; now, your victories and acquisitions are yours to keep and trade as you see fit.


Play-to-Earn Rewards

The heart of our gaming ecosystem is the principle of "Play to Earn." By participating in our immersive gaming experience, players can earn $PANO tokens as they conquer challenges, complete quests, and excel in tournaments.


Community-Driven Development

We believe in the wisdom of the crowd. $PANO holders are not just players; they are also stakeholders who can influence the development of our gaming universe. Your voice matters, and we actively seek your input to shape the future of our project.


Transparency & Security

Powered by blockchain technology, $PANO ensures transparency, security, and fairness in every transaction. Say goodbye to cheats, hacks, and unfair advantages as we prioritize a level playing field for all.


Contract Address


Max Supply: 28M $PANO

Circulating Supply: 28M $PANO

Buy/Sell = 5% Tax


Why Tax ?

In the development of the game , aiding in community development, supporting
artists by purchasing art and marketing of the whole project.


Bridging the World of
Art and Gaming

At $PANO, our vision is to blend the worlds of art and gaming seamlessly, fostering a creative and immersive
environment where artists and gamers can converge, collaborate, and prosper together.

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